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Mindful Attention & Our Mental Health

Cultivating our ability to pay attention to the present moment can be a powerful tool for improving mental health and wellbeing, as attention to whatever arises at this moment helps us deepen our awareness and acceptance of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Regular practice of mindful attention can help to reduce stress, improve mood, and increase resilience to life's challenges.

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Dharma Talks

Experience the power of mindfulness and compassion in your own life. In these dharma talks, I offer reflections on what it means to be alive and how we can find meaning and equanimity in a confusing world.


Zen Wisdom

Zen offers us a way to understand and experience our thoughts, feelings, and actions that leads to a more compassionate attitude toward ourselves and others. By cultivating a sense of presence and awareness, we can learn to appreciate the beauty of the present moment – including other beings – and to find contentment in the here and now.

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